The virtual careers conference is a half day event designed to give those that work in careers an insight into businesses, industries and how things are changing in the world of work from business leaders.

We will have a wide range of speakers and seminars with employers bringing real examples of how things are changing and what to be aware of.

This a half day virtual career conference is CPD event is aimed at Careers Practitioners; Careers Leads and Teachers in schools and colleges; Senior Leaders in schools and colleges; Enterprise Advisers and anyone with an interest in how we prepare young people for work and careers.

Theme - The Advancing World Vs Ageing Population Vs A Positive Career

As we now face the climate crisis; ever growing ageing populations; a change in our thinking about work/life balance; shifting political climates across the world, as well as rapid advancements in robotics and automation advancement there are important questions we need to seriously consider when preparing young people for their future careers.

What jobs will no longer exist?
What skills will young people need to develop for emerging jobs?
What gaps will be left by the ageing population and what opportunities will it create?
As part of a sustainable lifestyle and forging “a positive career” will we start to measure success on what we give back and our place in society rather than the assets companies and individuals have?


Details of the seminars will be sent to delegates in January for your selection.

Booking and Payments 

Price per delegate is £20.00+ VAT. Booking and Payments will be invoiced and can be paid by BACS.

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This event is highly subsidised by all the partners. In the event of cancellation you can transfer your ticket to a colleague.  Refunds cannot be given.  Please inform EBP South of any changes. 

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