About Primary Schools' STEM Fair in Partnership with Portsmouth Water

EBP South are working in Partnership with Portsmouth Water on the this structured STEM event. Over 2 days you will deliver an interactive 25 minute STEM activity to groups up-to 10 primary school students. You will repeat the event throughout the day. It is free to attend. 

Why attend the STEM Fair 2022

This event is an essential first step to your future pipeline.

Research from Education and Employers shows that children start to rule out career options from an early age and girls and boys hold stereotypical views about male and female careers by age 7. Exposure to people from different roles and backgrounds is a perfect way to challenge stereotypes and unspoken assumptions. 

  • Create awareness of STEM activities 
  • Inspire young people about different routes into STEM careers
  • Showcase your organisation with hands on exhibits
  • Promote your industry to your future workforce
  • Help to overcome the stereotypes in your industry 

Outcomes for young people

  • Be inspired into a career they may not have thought of
  • Create awareness of STEM careers
  • They will be inspired about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
  • Help young people to decide on their final year options
  • They will discover different routes into STEM industries 

Exhibiting Costs

There is a cost to attend. The cost to exhibit is £250+VAT per event (unless exempt) and if you book three events the fourth is free of charge.

Organisations that are exempt are charities, colleges or organisations with less than 50 staff, a partner, sponsor or they are providing a donation. Being exempt means no fee is charged for the event they are supporting.


To book exhibit please fill out the booking form below. You must provide a 25 minute activity on the day that you can repeat throughout the two days to groups of up-to 10 students. 

Booking Form

If you have any questions please email Jacquie Jones, [email protected]

Sponsor & Supporter Packages

An Event Partner will want to be at the forefront of providing young people with essential opportunities to connect them to businesses and recognise a collaborative approach from different industries has a higher impact and creates more opportunities for young people. As the headline sponsor your organisation will become the official partner of the event with your organisation named in the title e.g. ‘Get Inspired Basingstoke in Partnership with YOUR ORGANISATION’.

  • Free exhibition stand and first choice of exhibition stand within the venue
  • Additional exhibiting space provided
  • Invitation to VIP event on the day (if applicable)
  • Named partner for on pre event marketing, on the day event material, PR and post event material
  • Named partner on the infographic which shows the impact of the event

A sponsor is a forward thinking organisation looking to invest in their future talent and work collectively to help increase the aspirations of young people. The event sponsor is recognised during and after the event.  

  • Free exhibition stand and a choice of exhibition space
  • Logo on the on the day event material and post event material  
  • Logo on the infographic which shows the impact of the event

To become a partner or sponsor  please fill out the form below. For an informal discussion about these packages please contact Jacquie Jones [email protected] 

Partnership and Sponsorship Overview