About Guess My Job 

Your school can sign up to a Guess My Job session. There are a range of sessions that takes place throughout the year. It can just be a one-off session as part of the day. Some schools make this part of a careers day with the pupils dressing up as what they want to be when they are older. 

It is for Young people in Portsmouth & South East Hants Primary & Junior Schools, Years 5/6. To raise young people’s awareness of the wide range of career and job opportunities; broaden their horizons and spark their interest for future careers.

How many children can benefit?
Up to 60 children could benefit from a one hour visit. Ideally this would be one year group, however we understand that some schools have mixed year groups, and some year groups are larger than 60. If your year group is larger than 60, we can arrange a second hour session, or consider increasing the number of visitors to accommodate the whole year group. Please let us know how this would work for you.

How will it work?
EBP South will recruit and prepare briefing information for local Business Ambassadors. Business Ambassadors can come from a vast range of job roles and industries. We ask you to divide your young people into 4 groups of no more than 15 children and to prepare them for the visits. You let EBP know which dates suit you best and we will ask Business Ambassadors to sign up to specific dates. Once this is done, we will let you know who will be visiting your school on which date.

Business Ambassadors will visit your school on the specified date, bringing props if required, prepared to meet 4 groups (15 minutes each over the course of an hour), each session following a ‘Guess My Job’ format.

Download the Leaflet


To book please complete booking form below and sent it to Jacquie Jones – Project Manager at EBP South on [email protected]. For more information please contact Jacquie Jones on 02392 283400.

Download - Guess My Job Schools' Booking Form 

After the visit, in your own school time, we require that the children write up a small article for a theoretical newspaper of which 10% can be passed onto ourselves for publication on social media and webpages or the organisations involved. We would also require feedback from the teaching staff on the impact of the visit immediately after the session (a form will be provided).