TeenTech™ Hampshire has now been postponed please check back for updates of when this will now take place

About TeenTech™ Hampshire Festival Day 2020

It's FREE to exhibit. 

TeenTech™ Hampshire Festival Day is a lively one-day interactive programme with a supporting Awards Scheme founded by  broadcaster, Maggie Philbin that aims to change perceptions of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers amongst teenagers and their teachers and act as a catalyst to encourage your industry to engage with young people.

It gives you a chance for your business to engage with your future workforce, showcasing the technology and opportunities available.

What do businesses get out of it?

  • Encourage young people to consider STEM subjects.
  • Have the opportunity to inspire and inform students about STEM careers.
  • Show what it means to work for your company and the skills you need from future employees.
  • Give students and teachers first-hand information on career paths in your sector.
  • Let your staff act as inspirational role models.
  • Change the stereotypical perception of STEM careers being ‘difficult’, ‘geeky’ or ‘boring’.
  • It's FREE to attend 

How can you support TeenTech™ Hampshire?

INSIGHT ZONE—15 minute activity

Host a stand that provides a simple, short, hands-on challenge or curiosity that will draw the students in and engage them in conversation about your industry. As an exhibitor in the Insight Zone you will be asked questions about your work, career routes and the qualifications needed.

CHALLENGE ZONE—30 minute activity

Offer an engaging and informative activity, bringing your own resources that will widen students’ and teachers’ understanding of a facet of your industry. A small prize for the winning team should be provided by yourselves.

STEM Ambassadors 

Be a STEM Ambassador at TeenTech Hampshire on Thursday 18th June 2020 at Hampshire Court Hotel.

It is a unique opportunity to inspire a group of 10 students (aged 12 - 14)  by supporting them through TeenTech Hampshire Festival Day's three zones, Insight, Innovation and Challenge Zones. It is an opportunity to inspire them into the world of STEM and Technology alongside Maggie Philbin (Bang Goes the Theory presenter). 

STEM Ambassadors can be from any STEM company, willing to offer their time and support, inspire and chat to young people as they experience the day. Volunteers can be any individuals choosing to volunteer at TeenTech by themselves, or one company can provide several individual volunteers.

There are over 500 students attending. If you know anyone else who would be a great STEM Ambassador please encourage them to sign up.

Sign Up as a STEM Ambassador

Sponsorship Packages

To become a sponsor or supporter please fill out the form below. For an informal discussion about these packages please contact Jen Laidlaw on 01256 840710 or [email protected].

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Book Your FREE Place - Exhibit 

To book your FREE place please fill out the booking and activity form below and send it to Jen Laidlaw, [email protected]. You must provide an interactive activity for students on the day. 

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Further Information

For further information please contact Jen Laidlaw on 01256 840710 or [email protected].