You will be interviewing students. We will give you a list of questions at the beginning of the event about competencies, interests etc. You can also prepare your own questions if you want to. At the end you will give students feedback on their communication skills, body language etc. Students will rotate throughout the day.

  • A one-day volunteer event
  • Year 10

Overview for Volunteers

Preparation Required: None
Skills Required: Experience of Interviews; Experience of Interviewing; HR; Leadership;
Skills Gained: Management; HR; Communication Skills; Leadership; Communication Skills;

Note: Exact timings for the day may be subject to change. This will be confirmed in the information pack prior to the event.

I want to Volunteer at this event

  1. Fill out the enquiry form below.
  2. You will then receive a confirmation you are booked on – please ensure it is in your diary.
  3. 1 week before the event you will receive an information pack with details about the day.

Once booked it is vital you do turn up as we require volunteers to run these events. If you do not turn up it may mean we are unable to run the event for young people. It is extremely hard to find volunteers when people cancel 2 weeks or less before the event.

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