Over this quarter, the team have been working hard on Phase 1 of the project which has now been scaled up to include an additional 8 schools across Hampshire. The team invited careers leads to attend a formal presentation at Lakeside back in September.

The Employer Engagement Project (EEP) is designed:

  • To dovetail into subject content.
  • To enrich, update, engage and make pupils understand the relevance of what they learn in their lessons to the jobs market.
  • To make it easy for employers to engage with pupils in a way that allows them to support the curriculum without it being onerous for busy heads of subjects or teachers.
  • To help schools meet Gatsby Benchmark 4.
  • To provide evaluation data for schools which evidences students “Cultural Capital” as part of the Personal Development Element of Ofsted’s Inspection Framework.

Sessions of interest have been identified and the team are working on securing employers to run these sessions with teachers throughout the spring and summer term 2020.

Queensbury Shelters, BAE Systems and Pall UK have already delivered curriculum sessions this term on how Algebra, Volume & Area are used in the workplace. In addition students are made aware of the importance of the top 8 employability skills that local employers look for when recruiting. These have been turned into a free resource for schools called “Employable Me”.


Feedback from students, employers and teachers has been really positive. From the infographic example below we can see how students understanding of the relevance of algebra and how it can be used in the work place, increased from 14% (pre session) to 92% (post session).

If you are interested in finding out more about the Employer Engagement Project (EEP), please contact John Lomas Project Lead [email protected] or Sarita Khosla-Malhotra Project Co-Ordinator [email protected]