Amazing People Awards 2019

Enter your students, school, organisation or business for the Amazing People Awards for the Academic Year of September 2018 - July 2019.Read more

In school activities

In-school activities are a range one off events for a few hours.Read more

Inspiring visits - guess my job

Guess My Job is a great fun interactive activity for primary school children.Read more

Interview skills & mock interviews

Are you a manager, hire people, been involved in interviewing or been an interviewee? If so you could help with interview skills or provide mock interviews.Read more


Pass on your experience, knowledge, your work experience by mentoring a young person.Read more

Speed networking

Speed networking is a way for students to gain an overview of different careers and industries in an engaging way.Read more

Work experience

Any size business in any industry can provide work experience to young people through EBP South; it's simple and easy.Read more