The Inspiring Visits - Guess My Job programme continues to prove to be a popular programme with the children, primary schools and business professionals however EBP South requires funds to be able to run and facilitate the programme.

Inspiring Visits - Guess My Job is a great way for young people to interact with professionals and gain a first insight into the range of careers available in a fun interactive way.

Several business professionals are invited to the day and asked to bring props; they work with groups of young people whereby they have to give clues to enable the students to guess their job.

Young people gain an understanding of different careers that can be anything from creative arts to STEM careers and industries where there is a skills shortfall. 

Students are often only aware of the careers of those in their immediate family, Inspiring Visits - Guess My Job helps to broaden their horizons. In addition, research has shown that the more meaningful interactions that students have the more likely they are to go on to succeed and go into education, employment or training.

We need your donations to help us run Inspiring Visits - Guess My Job. Please donate today to help us help young people.