Covid 19 Update

Young People still need education, they still need to learn about the different jobs, they still need know what skills they need for jobs, they still need to develop employability skills which is why we WILL continue to provide careers events but they will be done in a different way. 

Many events will be done virtually but we will look to ensure they also remain interactive and involve businesses (virtually) which as always has been a successful way for young people to learn and engage with with the world of work.

We know that supporting young people with planning their future  has never been more important following the lockdown, experiences of the past year and the recession we now face.

At EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) we will continue to connect schools and young people to businesses through new ways and are looking forward to working with you all in the new norm. 

If you have any questions about future events please do contact us on [email protected]

There are no events currently showing on our events page at the moment. If you would like to keep updated on our future events please email us.

Career Inspiration Events

EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) run a range of varied events for schools across Hampshire and the surrounding areas that inspire students through interactive activities and connecting students to businesses and the world of work. 

By working with businesses EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) are able to run a number of large events throughout the year in schools, at businesses and externally for all different year groups. 

About career inspiration events:

  • High profile interactive events with major employers e.g. Get Inspired
  • Opportunities to meet employers e.g. Big Bang
  • Showcasing future opportunities e.g. Primary STEM Fair
  • Sector focused events e.g. 'Enterprise Days' and 'Investment Challenges'


By attending the event students will:

  • Be meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Gain an understanding of local labour market 
  • Gain an insight into the world of work
  • Discover a range of career pathways
  • Talk to businesses

Students will become more:

  • Inspired 
  • Aspired
  • Motivated
  • Engaged

Our events

EBP South (inc. Basingstoke Consortium) have a range of events for schools to attend across the South Coast. Many of our events are free of charge (schools just need to pay for the transport); there are some events that we provide that there is a charge for. Some of the events we run are: 

  • Get Inspired Portsmouth
  • Get Inspired Southampton
  • Big Bang
  • Primary STEM Fair
  • TeenTech Solent
  • Mary Rose Education science challenge
  • Mary Rose Education maths challenge

You can view all our events below:

Download booking forms and take a look at all our events on our events page by clicking here.

Contact us

Contact us directly for a conversation about how EBP South's (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) career inspiration events could benefit your students:

Telephone: 02392 283400 
Email [email protected]