Employer Engagement Project

Have a business show your students, how what they learn as part of the curriculum is linked and used in the world of work in-person or virtually.

For example:

  • How algebra is used in developing vaccines by a pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  • How ratios are used to mix chemicals in a hair salon.

This project is aimed at Years 10 & 11. We can offer sessions that match to curriculum subjects in GCSE English, Maths, Science, Geography etc.

In Person Delivery 

At this moment this project is not being delivered in person. Subject to government guidelines and Covid-19 restrictions we hoping to run these sessions in person (with Covid-19 safety measures in place) from Easter half term.

If you would like to book a session for the Summer Term please contact us.

Virtual Delivery 

This project is currently being delivering virtually across Hampshire through Teams but can also be delivered through Zoom and other platforms on request. 

Once a school has Employment Engagement Session booked in, the class and teacher will be sent a link invite to the event. Or the teacher schedule in the session for their class and include the login details for students provided by EBP South. Teachers and students will be able to login to the session.

Once EBP South have introduced the session the employer will take over giving an introduction to their company and explain how they use that part of the curriculum in their work place. Students will be set an challenge by the employer which is based on the part of the curriculum they are being taught and is used by the employer in their work place every day.

Through two-way communication students will discuss with the employer their answers and the employer will give them feedback on the answer and importance that what they are learning in school is used the world of work and its not just for exams. 

If you would like to book a virtual session please contact us.

How we will help and support you

This project is funded by The Hearn Foundation and in partnership with EBP South.

We will support you throughout and make it as easy as possible to deliver by:

  • Ensuring all tasks link to a specific area of the curriculum.
  • Work with you to organise timings of the session(s).
  • Be there on the day to facilitate the lesson.

The aim 

Help young people to:

  • Understand how classroom learning is relevant to the world of work.
  • Engage in the GCSE subject.
  • Focus on the subject content.
  • Have a higher engagement in the subject.

Help schools to:

  • Meet Gatsby Benchmark 4 + 5.
  • Help the school to provide evidence for OFSTED.


This project is being run across schools in Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

Contact us

If you would like to find out how your school can be part of the Employer Engagement Project, please contact us on the details below or fill out the enquiry form. 

02392 283400
[email protected]

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This project is funded by the Hearn Foundation.