Get Inspired New Forest has now been postponed, please check back for updates as to when this will now take place.

About Get Inspired New Forest - 25th June 2020

It is Free to exhibit. 

Get Inspired New Forest raises awareness and understanding of the career and work opportunities that exist within the great firms in New Forest and the travel to work area. We plan to influence young people aged 11 - 16 years-old.

Key to our future prosperity are our young people - and the skills and capabilities that they possess. To help reduce future skills gaps research has shown it is important that young people are inspired by businesses from a young age.

Get Inspired New Forest is an exciting, fun, interactive event that showcases the work of employers and career opportunities. Businesses are invited to provide an interactive activity related to their organisation/industry for young people to participate in.

There is no charge to attend. The event is funded by amazing supporters and sponsors that want to help inspire young people and raise their aspirations. There are still sponsorship spaces for Get Inspired New Forest available.

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Sponsorship Packages

Basingstoke Consortium and EBP South’s established career events are a cost effective way for your organisation to develop long-term recruitment plans and invest in your corporate social responsibility in the community.

Through large scale events, your organisation will be supporting 100’s of students from a diverse range of schools, helping to have a positive impact on social mobility, decrease the gender gap and create awareness about the job roles young people can aspire to.

It is sponsorship from businesses and local organisations that enables Get Inspired New Forest to take place.

For an informal discussion about sponsorship packages please contact Sam on [email protected].

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Book My FREE Place - Exhibit 

The date has not yet been confirmed if you would like to email us, [email protected], and we can register your interest and email you once the date is confirmed.

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Activity Ideas

Coming up with an activity at Get Inspired that links to your business or industry is a great development opportunity for a team or part of the apprentice role.

Activity Ideas

  • Teaching them how to use equipment
  • Giving them an opportunity to experience using equipment
  • Making something 
  • Putting together something 
  • Showing them something 
  • Create your own game
  • A game linked to a children's games/toys
  • Demonstrations
  • Experiments 
  • Trying on work clothing 
  • Viewing artifacts

Making it into a game where if they complete it or do it in the fastest time they get a prize is very popular with the students.

Examples of Activities 

  • Virtual reality headsets to view what it's like to look down from the tallest building
  • STEM Learning caterpillar to code the caterpillar to reach its targets 
  • Build a robot 
  • Try on protective equipment
  • Photo booth where students can then add their own background 
  • Building a bridge 
  • Getting students to take part in a 'court' giving them different roles to play
  • Building a boat that can carry the most marbles
  • Myth buster game
  • Rubber band and target game
  • Finding cylinder heads to remove valves 
  • Analyise a 'real' crime scene
  • Tie different knots for climbing harnesses
  • Badge making
  • Making Pancakes
  • Building a computer
  • Trying a pop up recording studio
  • Fixing a pipe activity
  • Matching artifacts to where they came from
  • Making an omelette in the fasted time
  • Making perfumes
  • Engraving metal name badges to learn about the different types of metals used in manufacturing
  • 3D Printers
  • Splat the rat
  • Taster workshops in lighting and sound
  • Making paper planes to see whose can travel the furthest 
  • opportunity to try different musical instruments
  • Paper based safe cracking game
  • CPR Challenge
  • Whats in the box
  • Exhibit of models and products
  • using a T Hotbox to remove dents from a panel
  • Different sealife exhibits 
  • Demonstration using liquid nitrogen and compressed gases
  • Building and racing boats
  • Supply chain for a banana in order - a prize if they beat the fastest time
  • Learning camera tricks to make it look like your Spiderman
  • Showing experiments 
  • Computer based interactive flight game
  • Design a bathroom
  • Strength of composite material by standing on them
  • Hack the kettle
  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Wire buzzer game
  • Make the maximum pieces of mini furniture with a limited number or lego pieces
  • Learning how to do different hair styles on mannequins
  • Gas turbine challenge
  • Build pneumatic circuits
  • Build a lighting circuit correctly to turn the light bulb on
  • Using a microscope to look at frog genetics 
  • Control to a clawbot
  • How clean are you hands - see with UV gel