Inspirational careers fairs

Young people are inspired in their career choices through engagement with employers. Our interactive careers fairs are one of the ways to raise large number of students aspirations. We have several careers events that take place across Hampshire and surrounding areas.

By showcasing your industry and company at a careers fair you are helping young people to make informed choices about their future, showing the skills required and inspiring your future workforce. 

Exhibit at a virtual interactive careers fair

We have a range of virtual interactive careers fairs in 2021. You can showcase your industry and company at one of our virtual events and reach 100's of young people across Hampshire and the surrounding area. 

There are a range of ways you can get virtually involved that include:

  1. Give a live demonstration e.g. science experiment 
  2. Creating a video about your company, an employees journey, careers in your sector or careers in your company for our Virtual Interactive Careers Fair.
  3. Attend a live Guess My Job - Where you have props and young people have to guess your job.
  4. Be on a Q&A careers panel 
  5. Create and deliver an activity live that is linked to your business/industry to give young people an insight into careers in that sector.

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2020/21 virtual interactive careers fair

The virtual events taking place this academic year are:

Outcomes for business 

  1. Inspire young people
  2. Help them discover careers they may not have thought of
  3. Help to bridge the skills gap
  4. Be active in developing your recruitment pipeline
  5. Grow your brand awareness 
  6. Address your Corporate Social Responsibility

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Sponsorship Opportunities

We can't run these events without sponsorship from employers. By sponsoring you are showing that you are proactive in recognising the importance of inspiring young people into their future careers and highlighting the opportunities in your industry.

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