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The ‘Guess My Job’ Programme for Primary Schools has been hugely successful with both schools and businesses. Its aims include raising awareness of the different jobs and employment that exist locally to inspire young people to find out more and to consider a wider range of career options for the future. This exciting project focuses on primary school children aged 10-11 years, (year group 5/6), an age that is significant in influencing future career choices.

With support from a wide range of local businesses, we organise visits from people with a broad range of career backgrounds to go into schools and talk about their work to groups of children. The visits will last for approximately 1 hour and the young people will ask lots of questions of the professionals and find out about their job roles and how people came to be doing them.

Guess My Job is a fun way to create exposure to young people from different roles and backgrounds. It is a perfect way to challenge unspoken assumptions (including male and female career stereotypes), and build confidence through speaking and listening with professionals from their industry. Research has shown that there is a need to educate young people from primary-age about careers.

The Guess My Job Programme helps to overcome the major disconnect between the careers that primary-age children are most interested in and those that the economy needs.

Your business can support local schools in your area by investing in this programme – packages start from £2,000.

Supporters will receive:

  • Logo and promotion on event materials during and after the event
  • Opportunity to volunteer a representative from your organisation to showcase job roles and careers at each school visit.
  • Pre-written press release template for you to edit and send out promoting your support for Guess My Job.
  • Logo on the Guess My Job evaluation infographic produced at the end of the academic year. This will show the impact and achievements of the Guess My Job Sessions.

Educate young people about jobs.

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