Practical Training Programme

EBP South’s Practical Training Programme connects employees and young people together through established employability sessions to enable them to both share and develop their skills. This creates two vital opportunities for organisations to upskill their current workforce and, at the same time, directly upskill the future workforce. Employees can develop a range of transferable skills which are beneficial for their own personal development and can help to support employees if they are looking to take on a leadership or a line management role.

Employees are able to develop their skills through an essential practical approach of taking part in the volunteering opportunities and, through a reflective training session employees are able to constructively understand how they have developed their skills.

The events businesses can take part in include:

Speed Networking

Student(s) will ask business volunteers questions about their job, company and industry. This gives students an understanding of different work places as well as building their employability skills e.g. confidence and communication skills.

Mock Interviews

Business volunteers interview students to help them practice their interview technique. Volunteers are given a list of questions at the beginning of the event about competencies, interests etc. They can also prepare your own questions if they would like to. At the end of the session the volunteer give students feedback on their communication skills, body language etc.

Interview Preparation

Business volunteers deliver and run an interactive workshop on Body Language, Interview Questions, Interview Scenarios or CV’s. The details of the workshop are sent to volunteers prior to the event and the physical resources are provided by EBP South on the day.

Guess My Job

Primary school children guess business volunteers’ jobs by asking ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. Volunteers are given ‘yes’ and ‘no’ cards to hold up and can have props to help them guess their job. Students are in small groups and will rotate around the room.

Who Dunit?

A fun challenge that will give students the chance to test and show some of the skills and qualities they’ve learnt during Year 7. For example communication, team work, resilience or problem solving. Testing these skills and qualities will help prepare them for the rest of their school years and working life.

Inspiring Futures

This day will give students the chance to see and try out a broad range of different career options and develop a better understanding of the career choices available to them locally. Taking part in a number of practical activities will help develop their employability skills and their own decision making.

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