Employer Engagement Project

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This project if fully funded by The Hearn Foundation.

Current visits by employers, though welcome, often interrupt the flow of GCSE lessons or take part in the non-academic part of the curriculum. This project looks to change that. The aim of the Employer Engagement Project is that pupils will be able to understand how what is learned in the classroom is relevant to the world of work which helps to engage and focus young people in the subject.

Duration: 1 hour sessions (this project is funded by The Hearn Foundation)

Method: In Person or Virtual

Year Group(s): Year 9 to 11

Gatsby Benchmarks: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

CDI Framework: Grow, Explore, Create.

Room Requirements: Classroom based.

The Employer Engagement Project:

  • Is designed to dovetail into subject content to enrich, update, engage and make pupils understand the relevance of what they are learning in their lessons to the jobs market.
  • Makes it easy for employers to engage with young people in a way that allows them to support the curriculum without it being onerous for busy Heads of Subjects.
  • Helps schools meet the new OFSTED Framework where personal development now has a larger weighting.
  • Helps schools meet Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.
  • Links to the new CDI Career Development Framework skills

If you are a school based in Hampshire (including Portsmouth, Basingstoke and Southampton) who would like more information about the project please email enquiries@ebpsouth.co.uk.

It was a real pleasure to meet with students from Everest Community Academy. Hopefully talking to them about the chemical industry has inspired some to consider a STEM career and to further reinforce that GCSE exam questions and topics form the basis of what happens in the wider world. Good luck to you all in whatever area of work you go into.

Presenter, Andy Lane BOC Gases


“It was really interesting for the students to learn what air is used for and Andy was really good at linking the Physics and Maths equations to his world of work.”

Science Teacher, Everest Community Academy

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