Career Inspiration Events

EBP South run a range of events for schools across Hampshire and the surrounding areas that inspire students through interactive activities and connecting students to businesses and the world of work.

By working with businesses, EBP South are able to run a number of large events throughout the year in schools, at businesses and externally for all different year groups.

Get Inspired

Get Inspired events bring businesses together from all industries to inspire young people to work in their sector through hands-on interactive activities that encourage young people to engage with businesses. The events are a great way for students to learn about career options in their local areas from a diverse range of businesses. 

By attending the event students will:

  • Be meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks.
  • Gain an understanding of local labour market.
  • Gain an insight into the world of work.
  • Discover a range of career pathways.
  • Talk to businesses.

Students will become more:

  • Inspired.
  • Motivated.
  • Engaged.

Primary Schools’ STEM Fair

The Primary Schools’ STEM Fair allows young people to take part in interactive STEM activities with local businesses. This helps educate them about different career options and challenges perceptions about different roles. It can help schools meet their CDI framework and OFSTED targets.

Teentech Hampshire Festival

TeenTech™ Hampshire Festival is a lively one-day interactive event with a supporting Awards Scheme founded by broadcaster, Maggie Philbin that aims to change perceptions of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers amongst teenagers and to act as a catalyst to encourage industry to engage with young people. It gives young people the change to learn about STEM careers and showcases the technology and opportunities available.

Careers Conference

The careers conference is a one-day event designed to give those that work in careers an insight into businesses, industries and how things are changing in the world of work from business leaders.

We will have a wide range of speakers and seminars with employers bringing real examples of how things are changing and what to be aware of.

The Career Conference is a CPD event aimed at Careers Practitioners; Careers Leads and Teachers in schools and colleges; Senior Leaders in schools and colleges; Enterprise Advisers and anyone with an interest in how we prepare young people for work and careers.

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