Supported Work Experience Programme as part of an alternative curriculum

This programme is aimed at young people in Years 10 and 11 and potentially Years 12 and 13, for whom experience of the workplace will help to re-engage and complement their learning at school/college.

The Supported Extended Work Experience Programme can help to provide students with an opportunity to develop their employability skills in the workplace and keep them engaged in learning.

Schools identify individual students who will benefit from a longer-term placement with an employer, which is usually one day a week. Placements are set up for an initial six-week period with a view to continuing for the duration of the academic year.

As part of the programme, experienced staff will:

  • Meet with the students to establish positive relationships with them an understand their interests and needs.
  • Prepare students for their placement, providing information on health & safety, personal presentation, interview skills and tips to make the placement successful.
  • Match students sensitively to an appropriate employer.
  • Accompany students, where necessary, to their interview.
  • Regular workplace visits to monitor progress and report back to schools.
  • Post placement workshop to evaluate their learning.
  • Support young people’s thinking about post 16 or post 18 options.

The Learning Outcomes for students are to:

  • Understand good working practices.
  • Use relevant skills, knowledge and personal qualities in a vocational context.
  • Understand the importance to employers of skills, attitudes and qualifications and to gain experience of a specific career or industry.
  • Improve their understanding of the world of work.
  • Understand the relevance of the curriculum to their future.
  • Be supported in their post 16 choices.

This activity is aimed at: Years 10,11, 12 and 13

Notice period to start the programme: 6 weeks

For more information contact:

023 9228 3441

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