Work Related Learning

We run a range of work related learning events which give students an opportunity to learn about and develop their employability skills and learn about the range of career pathways available to them. These sessions are facilitated by a member of EBP Staff with Business Volunteers from a range of different industries.

Business Speed Networking

This session is designed to help inspire students about the range of career options and pathways open to them after finishing school. Students are often not aware of the range of options and can get limited information from sources close to them for example parents or teachers. By taking part in the Business Speed Networking sessions we hope to raise their aspirations and show them the broad range of career opportunities locally and nationally.

Duration: 3 x 1 hr sessions. 10 employers on a rotation.

Student numbers: Min – 50, Max – 70 for each session. (Larger cohorts can be catered to on request.)

Year Group(s): Year 7 to 13

Room Requirements: At least one hall/large room for all students.

Gatsby Benchmarks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8.

CDI Framework: Explore, Manage, Create.

By the end of the sessions students will:

  • Have taken the opportunity to talk to and meet different employers.
  • Have expanded the number of careers they know about and had the chance to hear about something different.
  • Understand it’s not about deciding what specific job/career they want to do now but about helping themselves to make informed choices by exploring things.

“Our speed networking event was so well organised and gave such a valuable experience to our students. What a great variety of business expertise too. There’s nowhere else you would go to get such an engaging experience.”

Miss De Broize – Careers Leader, Cranbourne School

“It was great to see a wide range of careers from a number of different sectors including the creative arts. From speaking to pupils after the event, they stated they found the experience engaging and useful. They really enjoyed seeing all the props the employers used and it has opened up ideas for them of other careers they may not have been aware of. One student in their evaluation said, “I want to be a CEO, they inspired me”.

Mrs Riches – Careers Lead, Charter Academy

Employer Interviews

Students will have a 10-minute interview with an employer, who will provide verbal and written feedback on their performance and CV (if presented at the interview). Price includes preparatory material for school to use plus written feedback for each student.

Duration: Each interview is 10 minutes long.

100-150 students – 3.5-5 hours.

150-200 students – 5 hours.

For cohorts of 200 plus this will need to be run over two days on consecutive weeks.

Method: In Person or Virtual. 10-15 Employers.

Year Group(s): Year 7 to 13

Room Requirements: In Person: At least one hall/large room for all students. Virtual: 2/3 rooms where computers can be spread out and headphones will be required.

Gatsby Benchmarks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8.

CDI Framework: Grow, Explore, Manage, Create.

The session aims to help students:

  • Practice their communication skills.
  • Develop their confidence.
  • Understand what employers look for from their future workforce.
  • Increase their chances of securing a place at college, sixth form or higher education, getting an apprenticeship and finding
  • part-time or full-time work.

“The Employer Interviews give our students the opportunity to get a flavour of what a real interview will be like. It helps them to prepare and get used to talking to someone they don’t know. It’s also an opportunity for them to talk about themselves and what skills they have to offer. Whilst for some they are nervous to start with, most of them after the interview say, “that wasn’t as bad as I thought – the employer was interested in me and what I do.”

Mrs Riches – Careers Lead, Charter Academy

The interviews were all very professional and gave the students such a valuable insight into what a real interview could be like. The feedback for the students was fantastic giving them points to focus on for the future.”

Mrs Henderson – Careers Leader, Everest Community Academy

Interview Ready Session

This session is designed to help students gain an understanding of how to prepare for an interview. It is an opportunity to practice their employability skills and identify suitable interview behaviours.

Duration: Up to 5 X 1 hour sessions.

Each session can have 40-60 students.

Method: In Person

Year Group(s): Year 7 to 13

Room Requirements: 1 large room which can accommodate 40-60 students.

Gatsby Benchmarks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8.

CDI Framework: Grow, Explore, Manage, Create, Balance, Big Picture.

The session aims to help students:

  • Understand what the employability skills are.
  • Understand the different ways of communicating.
  • Understand the purpose of Assessment Centre Tasks.
  • Be more confident about attending an interview.

“The EBP Team and the business volunteers have a real flair and understanding when it comes to guiding students. Their insight, knowledge and delivery are always well received and their ability to motivate students about future pathways and processes is outstanding.”

Mr Payne – Head of Communications Faculty, Henry Cort Community College

“The interview preparation day was fundamental in preparing students for their life beyond Everest. Many students have not started thinking about next steps but this will quickly come upon them and so the day gave them the opportunity to reflect and equip themselves with the skills needed for a successful future.”

Mrs Henderson – Careers Lead, Everest Community Academy

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