Business Speed Networking

Business Speed Networking

This session is designed to help inspire students about the range of career options and pathways open to them after finishing school. Students are often not aware of the range of options and can get limited information from sources close to them for example parents or teachers. By taking part in the Business Speed Networking sessions we hope to raise their aspirations and show them the broad range of career opportunities locally and nationally.

Duration: 1 hour sessions (sessions depend on size of cohort)

Method: In Person or Virtual

Year Group(s): Year 7 to 13

Room Requirements: At least one hall/large room for all students.

Gatsby Benchmarks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8.

CDI Framework: Explore, Manage, Create.

By the end of the sessions students will:

  • Have taken the opportunity to talk to and meet different employers.
  • Have expanded the number of careers they know about and had the chance to hear about something different.
  • Understand it’s not about deciding what specific job/career they want to do now but about helping themselves to make informed choices by exploring things.

97% said they’ve learnt about job types or careers that they didn’t know about before today.

81% said they have a better understanding of how workplaces are structured and the different roles people have.

“It was great to spend some time with the students. Some very unexpected and interesting questions. I had to think quickly to provide appropriate answers.”

Alan Cameron, IBM UK Ltd.

“Finding out about local employers and opportunities can never be started too early. It’s really important for our students to see what they can aspire to and where hard work can lead them.”

Mrs Rahman, Careers Leader @ Portsmouth Academy.


Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation Day

This session is designed to help students gain an understanding of how to prepare for interviews and assessment centres. They will complete 5 different sessions over the day which include:

  • Employable Me (looking at employability skills).
  • First Impressions (body language, dress code and communication types).
  • Demystifying Interviews (types of interviews, purpose and approaches to take).
  • How to get Hired (CV and personal profile preparation) .
  • Assessment Centre Team Task (types of activities, what employers look for and an opportunity to have a go).

Duration: 5 X 1 hour sessions (can be delivered in 1 whole day or 2 half days)

Method: In Person or Virtual

Year Group(s): Year 7 to 13

Room Requirements: At least 2 large rooms/halls and up to 6/8 classrooms depending on year group size.

Gatsby Benchmarks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8.

CDI Framework: Grow, Explore, Manage, Create, Balance, Big Picture.

Objectives: Each of the 5 sessions has its own aims and objectives which will be shared at the start of each session. The overall aim is to help students prepare for interviews and assessment centres.

92% said they have a better understanding of how to present themselves at an interview or assessment centre to increase their chances of success.

93% said they have a better idea of how to write a personal profile and put together a CV.

“It’s always a real privilege to get such a good response and so much interaction from the students. Super to see their aspirations grow.”

Gloria Vessey, Barrister.

“This event helps to prepare students for the interview process they will undergo when applying for college, apprenticeships or employment with training. It provides students with the information they require to understand what interviews involve, what employers are looking for and how they can ensure they make the most of the opportunity.”

Andy Paterson, Cantell School.


Employer Interviews

Employer Interviews

Students will have a 10 minute interview with an employer, who will provide verbal and written feedback on their performance and CV if presented at the interview.

Duration: Each interview is 10 minutes long. Normally interviews are run over a school day. Where there are large numbers in a cohort this could increase to 2 or 3 days.

Method: In Person or Virtual

Year Group(s): Year 7 to 13

Room Requirements: In Person: At least one hall/large room for all students. Virtual: 2/3 rooms where computers can be spread out and headphones will be required.

Gatsby Benchmarks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8.

CDI Framework: Grow, Explore, Manage, Create.

The session aims to help students:

  • Practice their communication skills.
  • Try out some of the learning from the Interview Preparation Day.
  • Develop their confidence.
  • Understand what employers look for from their future workforce.
  • Increase their chances of securing a place at college or higher education, getting an apprenticeship or part-time or full time work.

98% said they will now be more confident presenting themselves in a job, college, apprenticeship or university interview.

92% said their presentation skills had improved.

“I was struck by how every student that I interviewed was very attentive to the feedback post interview. It certainly seemed they appreciated how this exercise could help them in the future.”

Ian Connor, British Science Association.

“A great experience for our students. Students left their interviews feeling much more positive and confident about themselves and their ability to meet new people and prepare for an interview.”

Leanne Rutter, Havant Academy

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