TeenTech Hampshire STEM Ambassador

STEM Ambassador at TeenTech Hampshire - Thursday 20th June 2019

Be a STEM Ambassador at TeenTech Hampshire on Thursday 20th June 2019 at Hampshire Court Hotel.

It is a unique opportunity to inspire a group of 10 students (aged 12 - 14)  by supporting them through TeenTech’s three zones, Insight, Innovation and Challenge Zones. It is an opportunity to inspire them into the world of STEM and Technology alongside Maggie Philbin (Bang Goes the Theory presenter). 

STEM Ambassadors can be from any STEM company, willing to offer their time and support, inspire and chat to young people as they experience the day. Volunteers can be any individuals choosing to volunteer at TeenTech by themselves, or one company can provide several individual volunteers.

There are over 200 students attending. If you know anyone else who would be a great STEM Ambassador please encourage them to sign up.