Interview skills are an essential part of the employability skills-set young people require post 16. Young people will often have to interview for their post 16 education be it an apprenticeship or college as well as part-time work.

We need volunteers from a range of industries to connect the theory of interview skills in to practice.

EBP South organise the day. You just need to come along and give interview skills and/or interview young people! We will send you a briefing with all the information and a Careers Development Practitioner oversees the day.

Why get involved

  • It's good for your CV/LinkedIn profile
  • To give back to your local community
  • Help the next generation
  • Develop your management/HR skills
  • Can be part of your CDPs
  • It's a fun interactive way to volunteer 
  • It can be a one-off commitment 
  • It can help motivate you

Get involved

You can just volunteer for a one-off interview and/or mock interview day at your local school or volunteer several times. It's really up to you. 

Click here to register your interest and we will contact you directly about the opportunities in your area.


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Contact us

Contact Donna for a conversation about how you could get involved with volunteering. 

Telephone: 02392 283400 
Email [email protected]