Interview skills are an essential part of the employability skills-set young people require post 16. Young people will often have to interview for their post 16 education be it an apprenticeship or college as well as part-time work.

We need volunteers from a range of industries to connect the theory of interview skills in to practice.

EBP South organise the day. You just need to come along and give interview skills and/or interview young people! We will send you a briefing with all the information and a Careers Development Practitioner oversees the day.

Why get involved

  • It's good for your CV/LinkedIn profile
  • To give back to your local community
  • Help the next generation
  • Develop your management/HR skills
  • Can be part of your CDPs
  • It's a fun interactive way to volunteer 
  • It can be a one-off commitment 
  • It can help motivate you

Get involved


To sign up directly for our events please click here.

Contact us

Contact Donna for a conversation about how you could get involved with volunteering. 

Telephone: 02392 283400 
Email [email protected]