Businesses from across Hampshire are joining forces with Basingstoke Consortium and EBP South to support the Skillstree Programme. Skillstree is an opportunity for businesses to be proactive in influencing the skills agenda for young people through a collaborative approach.

Business investment and business support for the Skillstree enables them to work in schools with young people to prepare them for working life through tailored and established programmes.

By signing to the Skillstree Programme organisations will be able to display the Skillstree Digital Badge and Certificate, a mark of excellence in the commitment to actively invest in upskilling young people.

Cath Longhurst, CEO Basingstoke Consortium and EBP South, ‘I am pleased to announce the launch of the Skillstree Programme across Hampshire. Having inspired and prepared young people for the world of work for the past 21 years through which we have connected 1000’s of businesses to 100’s of schools, I feel we are well-placed to lead on the implementation of the Skillstree Programme. It is a unique opportunity for businesses to support young people to ensure the next generation of future employees have the right skills for the labour market.’

Skillstree Programme provides sponsors the opportunity for staff to invest their time by giving back to local schools through volunteering opportunities for professionals in the Skillstree Ambassador Programme. Individuals are able to share their skills and knowledge through employability programmes and in turn develop their own soft skills.

Businesses unable to work within schools themselves can make an active contribution to the Skillstree Programme by making a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) enabling them to be a key part of the Skillstree and Skillstree forum; and supporting Basingstoke Consortium and EBP South to run additional programmes that connect young people to the world of work.

The Skillstree Programme will benefit young people from schools across Hampshire by helping to upskill young people and overcome issues facing many businesses including the gender gap and social mobility.

For more information about the Skillstree click here.