This year EBP South is encouraging people to be different by making their New Year’s resolution about giving back.

New Year’s resolutions are often about improving yourself by breaking bad habits or becoming healthy in some way. However, they are often broken a couple of months later and long forgotten by May.

This year you could be different and you could break the mould. Instead of making a New Year’s resolution about you make a pledge to volunteer. It’s your opportunity to make not just a resolution but a commitment that will benefit other people.

New Year’s resolutions can be a great opportunity to make that new year change you have planned and the rewards of volunteering are endless; not only do people often learn new skills themselves, they also get that ‘feel good feeling for helping others’ and making a real difference to other people’s lives.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. You could just give up an hour, a day or half a day to volunteer on a one-off project or you could make a bigger commitment with ongoing volunteering e.g. becoming a mentor.  

A great way to ensure that you see your ‘New Year to Volunteer’ resolution through is to sign up to a programme or volunteer event ASAP to make the commitment.

EBP South offers a range of volunteering opportunities that anyone can sign up to that are available on their website or you can sign up to a one-off event.

The feeling of achieving your New Year’s resolution of volunteering will give you that ‘new you’ and ‘feel good’ feeling you may have planned with other new year resolution ideas.

Don’t delay volunteer today. #NewYearToVolunteer