Rob Pilch of Queensbury Shelters, Farlington continued his series of 4 lessons in GCSE Product Design on Friday 8th February.

The lessons are part of the wider Employer Engagement Project that brings together, businesses and real-life scenarios from the world of work, to teach young people the curriculum. The project is in partnership with Springfield School and EBP South and funded by the Hearn Foundation.

Pupils were given a brief to design a shelter for a client from Queensbury Shelters.

Rob Pilch briefed the students through the process and how product design is an important part of the process. The process included before the actual design itself is created; for this they would need to think about the materials, costs, surroundings etc. and the impact this would have on the design.

Pupils were then taught practical examples of the design process for locally produced bus shelters to cars and safety critical products such as Aircraft. The students learned how the design process is similar for all products. 

Students were also taught common terms used in business were highlighted including “Failing to plan is planning to Fail” and “Measure Twice – Cut Once”.

Rob Pilch said ‘I think the students enjoyed the session. I think some students have a "natural" understanding of some basic business principles and this came out quite clearly.”

At the end of the event 87% of students stated that they now know much more about the relevance of GCSE Product Design to the work place.