EBP South is pleased to announce it has a new CEO, Richard Kennett.

Richard took up the post on 2 April and has hit the ground running with the Summer term filled with programmes and events. There are over 25 Your Future sessions, 3 Get Inspired events, 1 Primary STEM Fair, 1 Inspirational STEM Fair, 1 Careers Conference, virtual work experience, extended work experience, 100's of one-to-one IAG sessions, and the launch of Invest in EBP South which aims to inspire 75,000 young people over five years.

Richard said "I am excited to be taking up the role of CEO of EBP South. It is an established charity which has developed and evolved its offering to provide a comprehensive service that connects young people to the world of work."

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Q&A with Richard Kennett

What attracted you to the role?

One the aspects of EBP South that attracted me to this role was the life-changing work it carries out to support young people in our area.

What is one of the many things you can bring to the role?

My career so far has very much focused on partnership working and I look forward to engaging with the great variety of partner organisations that the EBP works closely with in schools, businesses, local authorities and beyond.

What are your key values?

Key to my values is supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their potential, and preparing and inspiring them for the world of work, which has never been more important.

What are your priorities?

To ensure that EBP South continues to provide high quality support for young people, working with key stakeholders. I also recognise the need to plan for the future and will work with the team to implement the organisation's ambitious five year strategy which includes inspiring 75,000 young people over five years.