Year 10 GCSE Maths pupils at Springfield School had the unique benefit of working with BAE Systems as part of the employer engagement session.

The employer engagement sessions are part of a programme funded by the Hearn Foundation and run by EBP South and Springfield school.

The sessions link the curriculum to the world of work and give practical examples of subjects in the workplace for students to work on.

An Engineer and a Project Manager from BAE Systems, who are both working on the new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, devised tasks which they set Year 10 GCSE Maths students. The task involved using algebra that they themselves commonly used in their daily jobs.

The BAE Systems sessions taught young people the need to understand maths, in particular; algebra.

Pupils often make comments when they don’t understand the purpose of what they are learning saying things like, ‘When would I ever use this.’ Which then often leads to disengagement in the subject. These sessions helps to re-engage young people into the subject which can go on to help improve their future grades.

In addition, the sessions help young people to understand the companies that work in the area and the different job roles available to them which can inspire young people into roles such as those shown by BAE Systems.

That impact from the BAE System sessions shows that 92% of the pupils had learn about the relevance of algebra in the workplace and 79% said they had learned more about the opportunities available after leaving school.

The session gave the pupils the opportunities to refine their career pathways and found the excellent role models from BAE systems inspirational.