The ‘Right Here. Right Now.’ careers conference organised by EBP South took place in February 2019. It brought together 175 Career Professionals and Career Leads from the education sector including schools, colleges and universities.

The conference focused on the changing world of careers, from career pathways to new emerging careers. The Career Professionals and Career Leads highlighted the issues they are seeing young people face as the world of work changes.

An analysis of the feedback showed that Careers Professionals believed the biggest issue facing young people is that there is too much information about careers; and young people are unable to navigate their way through it. They also identified that students face a lack of understanding and mis-information from their parents.

Young people facing too much careers information has previously been highlighted in 2016 by the Careers and Enterprise Company in their ‘Moments of Choice’ report. They refer to it as a ‘Cognitive Burden’ which disengaged young people from careers and their education. It states that one of the ways to overcome this is through ‘Real encounters with the world of work [which] are more often cited as sources of inspiration and interest.’

EBP South, an educational charity that connects education and businesses said, over the past 21 years they continue to develop a combined programme of careers services which include practical encounters with employers alongside careers advice to enable young people to overcome the ‘cognitive burden’ and understand the different career options available.

At a recent practical employer engagement event organised by EBP South about Careers in Technology, young people said; the event had given them a much clearer picture of the kinds of jobs in that field, and as a result, are more interested in them.

The careers conference included industry speakers who gave insightful talks about how the jobs are changing and how companies are changing their recruitment process.

Careers Professionals said that due to the changing job market the most important skills young people need for the work place include; being flexible and adaptable, to be able to use transferable skills for the jobs that don’t exist yet.

Following the conference career professionals said they were going to invest more time into helping to support young people into future careers and would investigate emerging careers in more detail.