EBP South update from the Board.

After 20 years at the helm of EBP South, our CEO, Cath Longhurst, is leaving us to move on to the next phase in her work and life.

When Cath started here in 2001, the organisation was ‘Portsmouth & South East Hampshire Education Business Partnership’, had 7 staff and received regular government grant funding to work with schools and businesses.

In those 20 years, Cath has led the organisation through significant change, dramatic reductions in government funding, multiple policy changes impacting the world of careers, and most recently a successful merger with Basingstoke Consortium. We now work across the whole of Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton, have a staff team of 30, and provide a full range of careers related services in partnership with schools and businesses across the area.

I speak on behalf of the Board of Trustees and the EBP team, who will be sorry to see Cath go. Cath is well known to many of you and has contributed to a wide range of work across the area well beyond the scope of EBP South. As you might expect, the Board of Trustees have been working with Cath for some time on succession planning and we are committed to looking forward.

We have a strong senior management team in place, and an excellent Board to carry our organisation through this change. Despite the most recent impact of the Pandemic and the turmoil that has brought to so many people we have recently completed our 5-year strategy and are looking confidently to the future.

We are working now on the process of recruiting the new CEO and hope by early 2021 to have identified a new CEO to take over from Cath who will continue to work with us through to Easter 2021.

Whilst this is a significant change for all of us involved with EBP South, with your continued support I, and the Board look forward to building on Cath’s many achievements, and providing vital support to current and future generations of young people in education as they prepare to move into the workplace.

Sarah Kavanagh
Chair of Board of Trustees, EBP South

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