On 2nd November, The Polygon School welcomed site manager Colin Knight from R.G Carter (Carter Builder) accompanied by Declan Weir to give a presentation on an overview of the construction industry.

The students were given an insight of the roles that may be available to them, along with talking to them about the project they are currently working on, a brand new Premier Inn Hotel (Cumberland Place, Southampton).

On Thursday 9th November, the students were then invited down to the site for a tour Premier Inn Hotel (Cumberland Place, Southampton).

Sam Ashton, EBP South Project Manager for Extended Work Experience said “The talk and the site visit especially, really inspired the students and gave them a real insight into some of the work they might be doing should they choose to progress in that sector once they leave school.”

“I am really thankful to RG Carter for providing this opportunity.”

The young people were all kitted up with the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) needed, they watched the 20-minute site health & safety video and had a tour around all 3 stories of the building.

The construction team set out some “near miss” hazards for the students to try and spot after their health & safety briefing. All the hazards were identified by the students during the tour.

EBP South offer opportunities like these to young people to help them develop skills for later life, such as the ability to identify health and safety breaches, regardless of the path they will choose.

The event was organised by EBP South which connects business to schools. If you would like to provide site visits or work with schools, contact us on [email protected].