The second session of the Integrated Employer Engagement Project run by John Lomas, Head of Enterprise and Personal Development Learning at Springfield School, in partnership with EBP South took place on Thursday 22nd November 2018.

Rob Pilch the former MD of Queensbury Shelters took over two math’s classes for the second Employer Engagement Project with year 10 students at Springfield School to teach them part of the curriculum that is an essential part of the business.

Queensbury Shelters is a company based locally to the school that works across the UK that supplies high quality passenger shelters; as well as manufacturing and installing bespoke canopies, walkways, cycle canopies, legible city wayfinding signs and associated street furniture.

Rob Pilch taught the students about area and volume, a key part of the GCSE Math syllabus. He brought the visit to life by showing them how important the calculations of these elements were. As well as how all different trades working for his organisation need to be able to calculate area and volume in their roles.

John Lomas Head of Enterprise and Personal Development Learning at Springfield School said, “The Math Department is pleased to see the application of the subject to key aspects of careers. It was a brilliant session which achieved our goal of increasing the number of students being able to confidently apply area and volume calculation.”

Students had to calculate area and volume of potential shelters and were reminded that if they got it wrong in real life the financial implications that it would have had on the business.

Before the lesson started an average of 52% of young people said they found calculating area and volume difficult by the end of the lesson up to 70% said their confidence had increased.

Rob Pilch the former MD of Queensbury Shelters said, “It was a great opportunity for the business as well as the students. It gave me the opportunity to re-visit why and how why Queensbury Shelters do some of the basic things in their businesses through explaining it to outsiders rather than going over the same old ground with "familiar ears and eyes".

The Integrated Employer Engagement Project is research project that aims to show how schools and businesses can link the curriculum to work related scenarios; and in the process show that by doing this it helps younger people have a better understanding of the subject.

If your organisations would like to run a session that embeds the fundamental aspects of your business to the curriculum for students please contact EBP South on [email protected].  

The project is funded by the Hearn Foundation and run in partnership with John Lomas from Springfield School and EBP South.