Over 100 Career Practitioners and Career Leads attended the virtual Careers Conference, World of Work Post Covid to find out from businesses how Covid has changed their industry. 

Nine experts from different industries gave insightful presentations into their sectors and considered what the world of work will look like ‘post Covid’.  

Without doubt Covid has created challenges for all industries, but the speakers focused on the positive opportunities it has created and how it has brought forward changes that for many will remain.  

Two key themes that came out of the conference were the huge growth of opportunities in several sectors including health, online retail, IT/technology, environmental and entrepreneurship, and how students are likely to be more aware of the type of organisations they want to work for. 

82% of conference delegates said Covid has had a negative effect on how students view their careers prospects. The view from businesses contrasted with this, with speakers talking about the new and emerging job roles in their industry as well as skills shortages in their sectors and a greater competition for skilled job roles.   

Career Practitioners and Career Leads have already seen young people start to adapt, with 78% of conference delegates saying Covid has changed the types of job roles young people are looking at, and the Health Care and IT/Technology sectors are now rated the most popular career sectors amongst young people.  

Across many sectors there has been a huge shift in the way people work and that will be of greater importance to Generation Z when seeking employment.  Generation Z are current secondary school students and 76% of delegates said that they believe work/life balance is a key factor for young people when looking into different careers.  

The idea of entrepreneurship will also be more appealing to Generation Z as they are more aware of the work environment they want and will be more self-sufficient in the use of emerging technologies so will be open to opportunities that provide them with control of their work/life balance.  

Richard Kennett, EBP South CEO said “The conference was a great opportunity for Career Practitioners and Career Leads across the region to come together collectively and understand the emerging job roles, where there are opportunities, and the future landscape of the workplace. 

We need to ensure young people are hearing this positive message from business and that we address the issues of transferable skills. Businesses and nearly half of the Career Practitioners and Career Leads at the conference have highlighted that young people do not have enough opportunities to develop the transferable skills needed in this competitive job market. 

At EBP South we have expanded our offer to businesses and young people. We know that through greater collaboration we can ensure that young people develop the skills needed to help ensure they ‘work ready’ and can support the future economic growth of these industries.” 


The videos from the Career Conference seminars are now available to view on EBP South’s website at https://www.ebpsouth.co.uk/careersconference 

The careers conference was run by EBP South and sponsored by Enterprise M3 and Solent Careers Hub.