Ensure the future of a local STEM talent by working with EBP South who collaboratively connect business to young people to help develop a sustainable pipeline of future employees.

STEM learning previously announced there was a shortfall of 173,000 skilled workers as 89% of STEM businesses struggled to recruit for STEM roles. The shortage cost the STEM sector £1.5bn. Many businesses continue to face these issues.

Recent research from Employers and Education show that job roles young people choose at primary school age were 'relatively unchanged' throughout their education.

The impact of this means that when young people are in their final years of school, and making their choices for college, they are choosing courses based on unchallenged aspirations that do not always match their skills or interests.

When students then go onto university a UCAS survey said 20% of students could not take the course that interested them because they did not have the relevant A-Levels.

EBP South's STEM projects bring together businesses and schools to enable young people to understand different STEM careers available and to help businesses to develop a pipeline of STEM talent that starts with Primary aged pupils.

EBP South has two upcoming STEM events that businesses can support to develop their STEM pipeline. These are the Primary Schools' STEM Fair in Partnership with Portsmouth Water and Inspiring STEM Careers for secondary pupils.

Both interactive events are being run virtually and are free for schools to attend and businesses to support. Find out more at: https://www.ebpsouth.co.uk/Pages/Events/Category/events-for-businesses