Get Inspired Portsmouth 2020

The hugely successful interactive event, Get Inspired Portsmouth, organised by EBP South, saw over 1000 young people attend the Portsmouth Guildhall on Wednesday 22nd January to learn about the range of careers available to them on their doorstep.

EBP South’s Get Inspired Portsmouth brought businesses together from all industries to provide them with an opportunity to inspire young people into their sector through interactive activities. The activities encourage young people to engage with businesses through a hands-on approach.

'Promoting careers in STEM is really important for our organisation as we look to address the skills gap, encouraging and inspiring pupils to become the ‘next generation of engineers’ is the only way that we will be able to achieve a greener grid. The opportunity to engage with 1000+ school children and get them thinking about how the skills they are learning in school today could lead them to a career in STEM is critical to the success of transitioning the UK’s energy supply to zero-carbon sources.’ 

Craig Hunter, Lead Contract and Procurement Manager, National Grid ventures IFA2 

The EBP South’s Get Inspired events allow young people to learn about the vast range of careers available to them on their doorstep and in the surrounding areas as well as discover companies they may never had heard of.

‘There’s a strong tradition of employment here in Portsmouth and it’s well known the biggest influence on career choices is family. However, it’s vital that young people are aware of all the career opportunities out there.’

 Cath Longhurst, CEO of EBP South and Basingstoke Consortium

EBP South’s events are supported by organisations that recognize the importance of investing in young people’s careers. 

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