Through a range of career inspirational events EBP south is helping to shape the perceptions of 1000’s of young people about what kind of job opportunities exist.

Students are often unaware about the career path options that will be available to them later in life. Without this understanding young people are limiting themselves. Jacquie Jones, EBP South Project Manager said, “we live in a society where young people can do what they want however often they don’t actually know what opportunities and career paths are available to them.” 98% of young people said they had learnt about job types they didn’t know about following attending an EBP South Event.

Arming young people with the knowledge of what job opportunities are available also helps build up their confidence when choosing a future career. 71% of young people said they now know what want to do following attending an EBP South Event.

By attending an EBP South event students also gain the opportunity to start building up their employability skills as 90% said they now believed they could do a job type they didn’t know about before. Kingfisher said, “it’s about engaging with young people early on. No matter what they are interested in now, there is a way that they can apply that in a future career.”

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