There is a surge in demand for career guidance and business engagement.

EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) staff were excited to return to schools at the beginning of the month delivering careers guidance to young people across Hampshire.

Emma Bagnall, EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) Careers Practitioner said ‘It is fantastic to be back in school seeing the students face to face. Undoubtedly the lockdown period has impacted our young people. For some this period has been a significant challenge.

Other young people remain resilient with many being extremely positive about their return to school and future opportunities. Some conversations have changed, there is a new level of self-awareness, they are more open to exploring alternatives and to considering the impact of COVID on the future job market.’

Since returning to schools and during the lockdown (during which EBP South offered virtual careers guidance) the Careers Team has found that many young people have become uncertain about their future, found it difficult to plan ahead and many are worried their career may no longer be a viable option; as such the need for career guidance has increased and has a greater role in schools.

Cath Longhurst, EBP South CEO said; ‘Now it’s more important than ever to provide career guidance to young people and to also ensure that young people have opportunities to engage with businesses.

Young people’s careers prospects improve when they have several interactions with businesses which is why EBP South have and will continue to adapt to ensure we can connect businesses to schools.

We and the businesses we work with recognise the job market will become more competitive and it’s imperative that young people are not left behind and are still able to develop essential employability skills alongside their education.

This academic term EBP South is delivering, with business support, the Employer Engagement Project which links real life work scenarios to the curriculum.

EBP South’s (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) Project Team are excited to be working on the virtual employer events which will launch in 2021 including STEM events and looking at new virtual employability skill events that businesses can engage with.

EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium)  has also been working closely with employers on how to deliver work experience safely for young people especially in blue-collar job roles as well as alternative work experience opportunities.

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