One of the aspects of GCSE English that pupils find hard to grasp is the perspective behind a piece of prose (GCSE English Language paper 2). In other words what is the main reason behind an author writing the way they do? 

Kevin Richardson of Biscoes Law shared several legal scenarios with 100 Year 10 pupils at Springfield School about why legal firms write a certain way at courts.

They were put in the position of judge and jury as they had to analyse statements put forward by different sides asking for mediation. The students were able to realise that there were different perspectives behind each document in order to influence the reader.

Students were able to understand why being able to write in different ways is important and the purpose behind this. They also gained understanding of how what they are learning in GCSE English is transferable to those used by several job roles, including legal profession.

Kevin was also able to share with students the background to his profession and how the courtroom is often where skills developed through GCSE Drama can be used.

As a member of the Law profession they are influencers, they need to be able to develop strong working relationships with the client, with witnesses and others in court.

After the session from Biscoes 71% of students said it really helped them to understand that written documents have a particular purpose and they felt more confident about identifying these.

The Employer Engagement Sessions are run by EBP South with funding from the Hearn Foundation. The sessions give young people the opportunity to see how what they are learning in the classroom is used in the workplace.

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