The success of the Integrated Employer Engagement Project with John Lomas from Springfield School and EBP South funded by The Hearn Foundation has continued into 2019.

This is the fifth session which brings together businesses and real scenarios from the world of work to teach young people the curriculum.

The session linked Portsmouth Greening Campaign to GCSE Geography. The results continued to show the positive effect of linking the curriculum into the world of work; with 91% of young people were now very confident about the relevance of Geography in the world of work; and 82% felt more confident about opportunities after leaving school.

The session was run by Councillor Ben Dowling and Branson Stacey, Portsmouth City Planner they taught the young people about tackling environmental city solutions in a more developed country through Portsmouth Greening Campaign which they are directly involved in.

Portsmouth Greening Campaign is a grassroots awareness raising initiative, which enables communities to work together on tackling climate change. The pupils had to look at ways which ways to save energy and how they could implement them in the school. They then had to present these to Ben Dowling and Branson Stacey.

The pupils were able to see how their learning in the classroom has direct links to the local wider environment.

It also gave the students an opportunity to interact with people from different job roles in the city. Ben being a young local politician to see them in a positive light.

If your business would like to see how it could work with schools to link their industry to the curriculum contact EBP South on [email protected]