Great first steps in the Integrated Employer Engagement Project

John Lomas, Head of Enterprise and Personal Development Learning at Springfield School is running an exciting project in partnership with EBP South to embed practical real-life work scenarios into the school curriculum. The project is funded by Hearn Foundation.

The Integrated Employer Engagement Project aims to get schools and businesses to link the curriculum to work related scenarios; and in the process show that by doing this it helps younger people have a better understanding of the subject.

The first activity was algebra with Year 10 GCSE Maths pupils at Springfield School, Portsmouth with BCi Digital of Havant on Tuesday 16th October 2018.

BCi Digital showed pupils how they use algebra in their organisation to determine screen resolutions with practical activities.

Pupils all use screens, and many understand that better ‘screens’ result in a better-quality picture for their TV, sports, gaming and YouTube so there is a personal interest. In addition, with the UK being a global leader in Digital technology and the digital sector is growing twice as fast as the non-digital rate and is creating new jobs at twice the rate many students are likely to work in the digital sector (according to the Edge Bulletin 2, Skills Shortage in the UK Economy). 

John Lomas said ‘Many pupils find GCSE Maths a challenge. Algebra makes up a sizable chunk of Higher Tier Maths with many unsure how it could be made relevant to the workplace. The session was fun and the pupils engaged with BCi Digital as they had a personal interest in understanding how their screens work.’

Almost 60% of the 56 pupils who took part indicated by anonymous polling that they did not understand how algebra could be applied to the work place before the session. After the session with Alex, 81% had a better understanding of the link between algebra and the work place.

John Lomas said ‘This is a great start to the first in a series of learning experiences in association with EBP South to enrich an overcrowded curriculum and through time it is hoped to provide these to a number of schools in the Solent region.’

Other sessions from different employers covering more subjects are to follow. Watch this space. For more information about this project or how to get involved contact [email protected].

Thank you to Alex Snell and BCi Digital.