This year EBP South’s has been running the hugely successful Guess My Job events in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas Primary schools.

It’s a highly popular programme for all those involved including the primary schools, the businesses volunteers and the young people themselves.

Guess My Job involves volunteers coming along with props or doing a ‘Pictionary’ style activity that young children aged 9 – 11 years ask questions about to guess the persons job.

Ian Connor, Foundry Chemist/Scientist for Leonardo UK, who has presented at several Guess My Job sessions said ‘The students often struggle to guess my job so the use of props is very helpful. As soon as the safety glasses, disposable lab gloves and lab glassware come out of the bag then there is a sea of hands in the air belonging to students enthusiastic to be the one to tell me they know I am a scientist! I also use more props to help explain what my job involves. I find that using props helps to engage the group of students in the activity and get them asking questions.’

‘I was a similar age to these young people when I was first inspired to think of a career path as a scientist. I hope that having seen the Guess my Job presentations that some of the young people will also be inspired to follow a path towards one of jobs they learned about.’

Young people learn about different careers in an interactive and fun way which also helps to promote the business.

A vast range of professionals take part in Guess My Job including CEO’s, Solicitors, Administrators etc. giving up just a couple of hours to give back.

Jacquie Jones, Project Manager said, ‘The young people just love the interaction and having a ‘real’ professional come in. The professionals coming in always leave with such positivity. It’s a volunteering opportunity which just makes people smile.’

‘We try and put a variety of people from different sectors for each Guess My Job as the aim is to help them understand about different job roles and actually find out what those jobs involve.’

EBP South are seeking sponsorship from businesses in the hope to bring the Guess My Job events to more schools across the South Coast including Southampton Primary schools.