Schools along the South Coast were invited to the EBP South Primary Schools’ STEM Fair in partnership with Portsmouth Water and sponsored by Pfizer at CEMAST (Centre of Excellence in Engineering, Manufacturing and Advanced Skills Training) where businesses provided hands-on STEM activities.

The fair took place on Wednesday 28th February. Young people were divided into small groups to take part in the STEM activities which were structured into 25-minute sessions.

The teachers, school and businesses all said the fair was a brilliant opportunity for the young people. Their enthusiasm to want to learn and engage was infectious.

Young people enjoyed the STEM activities that included constructing aeroplanes and testing them in the simulator with GE Aviation and creating ‘blood’ using food with Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust Pathology Department.

Primary work-related activities are an essential part for businesses looking at their future pipeline of talent.

Jacquie Jones, Project Manager said ‘It’s important to engage young people from an early age to gain their interest in STEM subjects, open their minds to opportunities, help them link their education to future job roles and plant that seed as they go into secondary education.’

If you’d like to find out how you can support young people develop STEM skills or find out about EBP South services for young people contact us on [email protected].