TeenTech is a technology event for young people enabled students to discover their future in more ways than one.  Students were able to investigate what future technology might hold for them as well as potential careers.

Maggie Philbin OBE led the innovative TeenTech Solent event, organised by EBP South, supported by BAE Systems Maritime Services, Southern Universities Network (SUN), Pfizer, Portsmouth College, Solent LEP and The Careers and Enterprise Company.  It took place at Portsmouth Guildhall on Thursday 23rd May 2019.

195 young people aged 13 and 14 from fifteen schools were able to discover current and evolving technology and create their own technology as they explored TeenTech’s three zones.

Businesses ran activities created by themselves to give small groups of young people the opportunity to experience the current technology in the Challenge Zone and the Insight Zone; and in the Innovation Zone where TeenTech set a challenge for students.

In the Challenge Zone students were set a task by the business which involved using their technology that they had to achieve within 30 minutes.

The young people were enthusiastic throughout the day, engaging in the activities and at the end of the day comments from the young people included; ‘I love it, it has been a brilliant day!’

The Regional Organised Crime Unit in the Challenge Zone was to take part in fighting cyber crime during which they were told by video link of their challenge which is to help fight the criminals. They have a series of questions to answer, for which they have a limited time and then must see if they receive a white or black token. The timescale gradually gets tighter throughout the challenge.

In the Insight Zone students experience a 15-minute insight into technology with different companies. This enabled young people to experience different tech that is being used within the work place.

At the Innovation Zone students came up with amazing ideas. It was inspiring to see the inspirational thoughts and the engineers of the future coming up with unique design ideas. The winners of the Innovation Challenge are then able to go forward and be entered for the national TeenTech Innovation Challenge. On the Ideas Wall the students also came up with great ideas including building houses on the moon.

Jacquie Jones, EBP South Project Manager said ‘This is a practical hands-on day. TeenTech gives young people the opportunity to explore the types of industries and job roles that they could go into through employer encounters; allowing them to see the link between what they learn in school and how it can be applied to the workplace.’

The next TeenTech takes place in Hampshire on 20th June, and is run by EBP South and Basingstoke Consortium.

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