EBP South say a huge thank you and bye to Cath Longhurst, who as CEO of EBP South for the last 20 years has supported over 350,000 young people, worked with 1000’s businesses and 100’s schools and she won The News 2019 Business Excellence Lifetime Achievement award. 

Cath had been working with the board for some time (before COVID-19) on succession planning which has enabled the board to appoint her successor CEO, Richard Kennett who has the passion and drive to continue to grow and develop the organisation. 

Sarah Kavanagh, Chair of Board of Trustees EBP South said, ‘Cath has been an incredible CEO and grown EBP South substantially over the past 20 years.’ 

‘EBP South now work across the whole of Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton, have a staff team of 30, and provide a full range of careers related services in partnership with schools and businesses across the area. 

I speak on behalf of the Board of Trustees and the EBP team, to say a huge thank Cath for all her incredible leadership and we all wish her all the best for her future. 

Cath has developed EBP South careers services for both primary and secondary schools. She has always strived to ensure that all young people including those from deprived areas have had access to the world of work and the opportunities to be inspired into careers, many of which they have never heard of. 

Gloria Vessey, a Business Volunteer, ‘In all the years I have been privileged to help at EBP events, I have seen the benchmark of excellence that is the work of EBP and the real benefits that it provides to change young lives for the better.  And at the heart of that I have seen the passion and compassion that Cath brings to her work and how she has taken EBP forward with innovation and commitment in order not just to do the best, but also be the best.  Cath leads by example – and her wonderful team and the volunteers all know that.’ 

One of the many successful activities Cath has overseen is the Get Inspired events where businesses provide activities that young people can interact in and get a ‘hands on’ understanding about job roles and gain inspiration for their future career.  

Ali Slater, IBM said ‘I have loved working with Cath on lots of different projects. Special favourites include the Activate Mentoring Projects and the LEAP Programme. It was brilliant to be part of these projects and to see the young people grow in confidence, have fun and grow their employability skills.’ 

All the staff at EBP South wish Cath all the best and on behalf of all the young people, businesses and schools she helped inspire and prepare for the world of work say THANK YOU so much for all your hard work and making a positive difference to so many people's lives. They wish her all the best as she moves on to work on a several new projects.

Richard Kennet will take up the post of EBP South CEO on 2nd April 2021.