Work experience can be beneficial to both businesses and young people. However, there are several myths surrounding work experience which prevent employers from taking advantage of the opportunities it can offer. EBP South debunks some of these myths below.

Myth 1: “There is too much red tape.”

Fact: Overall there is less paperwork to be completed for a young person undergoing work experience then there would be for a new employee. Additionally, if the business already has young people employed or the businesses’ existing risk assessment already accounts for young people then there is no need for a new assessment.

Myth 2: “Work placements are just one or two weeks.”

Fact: For 16-19-year old’s there are three different types of work placement, extended model, vocational model, and experiential work experience. Each type of placement has a different focus and length of time associated with it.

Myth 3: “Work experience doesn’t benefit my business.”

Fact: Providing work experience provides benefits in many areas. Young people can offer a different perspective to the market in which the business operates. This new perspective can help the business find new opportunities for growth. Taking on work experience students can also help the business improve their recruitment pipeline. Also, by taking on a young person the business can train them up in line with their specific needs. This in turn can help the business address the skills gap.

With the increased number of work experience placements required, businesses across all sectors are being encouraged to offer work experience through EBP South.

We are a one-point of contact for businesses to offer work experience to multiple schools. Businesses can register online with the placement(s) and their availability.

If you would like to offer work experience email [email protected] or call 02392 283400