On Wednesday 18th March it was announced that Friday would be the last day of school for most year 11 and 13 students for the foreseeable future. 

This has left students being ‘home-schooled’ before they return to school later this year and for Year 11 students in their final year of school this has been a monumental change. Not only will they not be returning to school, but they also won’t be taking their GCSEs which they have spent years working towards. 

Year 11 and Year 13 students are having to cope with huge changes from missing out on taking their GCSEs/A Levels or Vocational course assessments and exams through to, not having a chance to say goodbye to their peers and at the moment no prospect of a prom – something many students look forward to and view as a rightful passage before taking their next steps.  

Whilst students grades will now be calculated by a mixture of teacher assessment and performance to date, there is still a lot of uncertainty around the fairness and distribution of grades to the students.  This leaves many feeling apprehensive about their future.  

EBP South, an educational charity that usually provides in school career information, advice anguidance alongside a range of career programmes to schools in Hampshire, has adapted their business to now provide online career support. 

As some students may have finished their schooling without having received any careers guidance or starting to plan their next steps, EBP South’s key focus is to ensure that students  can still access information, advice and guidance to help them with their next steps and career planning. 

Their key message to all students and parents is that there are plenty of options still available. If they haven't applied to college or for an apprenticeship, they can still apply with many still accepting applications online.  

Through online resources, videos on YouTube and online careers guidance from a qualified Career Practitioner EBP South are supporting students in Hampshire and will provide additional support when exam results are released  

While many adults are waiting for their life to return to a ‘normal’ when they can; Year 11 students are sat at home with the knowledge that the next stage of their life won’t resume until September, at least, but at least they have time and support available to plan for their future. 

You can access EBP South’s Career Support at https://www.ebpsouth.co.uk/career-support-through-coronavirus. 

Online Careers Support and Resources.