Could Primary children guess your job? Whether they can, or can’t, it doesn’t matter! Guess My Job is a fun way for young people to learn about different jobs and career paths from an early age.

CEOs, Directors, Coordinators or Assistants are being invited to attend a Guess My Job Session in Portsmouth. Your job doesn’t have to be exciting neither do you need to be a millionaire with your own company – although both are welcome!

EBP South needs people participate in Guess My Job to educate young people about different careers. Often these sessions are their first interaction with the world of work outside of their immediate family and media.

It’s important that young people are connected to the world of work at early age to help dis-spell stereotypes about jobs and to help overcome the issue of a third of 15-16-year olds career interests being in 10 job roles.

Guess My Job involves you coming along with props or doing a ‘Pictionary’ style activity that young children aged 9 – 11 years ask ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions to guess the persons job. Often the young people are enthusiastic and excited to have you come into their school.

It’s a highly popular programme for all those involved including the primary schools, the volunteers and for the children participating.

The Guess My Job Programme is run by EBP South, a charity, connecting young people to the world of work and is supported by sponsorship from businesses.

To register your interest in attending a Guess My Job Session contact Donna on [email protected]