EBP South has mentoring increase with their Activate Mentoring Programme now going into its second academic year this September. 

With more schools recognising the value 1-1 mentoring can bring to young people and professionals each year there is more demand for people to take up mentoring and give back.

This year there has been an 80% increase in schools signing up to the Activate Mentoring Programme with EBP South.

Mentors provide a positive and trustworthy role model to support young people aged 14 - 16 that are at risk of not achieving their potential. They provide 1 hour a week during term time to go into a school and support a young person they are matched to.

The results have had a huge impact with young people who are not achieving their full potential helping them to not only increase their aspirations, confidence and management skills  as well as helping them to achieve their GCSE’s and being able to progress into higher education or training.

Doug Atkins the Mentoring Programme Manager said 'Nearly everyone who signs up say they want to help support young people in a way they hadn’t been supported themselves when they were at school. They believe young people need someone to give impartial support at a time they’re being told what to do by a lot of different people.”

EBP South has found professionals mentor for a vast range of reasons from just wanting to give back to doing it as part of the CDP; and they want to give young people something they didn't have. 

EBP South is recruiting mentors for schools across Southampton, Portsmouth and South Hampshire to start. If you want to get involved contact the mentoring team on [email protected] for more information.