This week is national work experience week which is a great opportunity to celebrate the benefits that work experience brings to young people.

Work experience for young people aged 14 - 16 is for them to gain essential experience and transferable skills in the work place.

In addition there are extended work experience placements that takes place for a minimum of 1 day a week for a minimum 6 weeks but is often longer. Young people on extended work experience placements often have the opportunity to go on to become an apprentice.

The transferable skills young people learn include time management, meeting deadlines, verbal communication, prioritisation, team work and working independently to name a few. As well as gaining experience and an understanding of what is expected in a work place.

Ian Saynor, Contracts Manager, EBP South said ‘Many industries are facing a skills shortage and a lack of a young, dynamic image that draws in young people.

Offering work experience gives young people the opportunity to have a ‘taster session’ of what goes on within your industry.

Work experience can add value to your business as customers feel good about industries and companies that invest in young people.’

Schools give their students the opportunity to take part in work experience as they recognise the long lasting benefits.

Businesses can provide work experience opportunities to schools in Southampton, Portsmouth and across South Hampshire through EBP South at no cost.

Businesses of any size can sign up to EBP South’s work experience service and they will fully support you in providing an opportunity for a young person.

To find out more visit or email [email protected].