We are EBP South (Incorporating Basingstoke Consortium)

EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) are a Education, Business Partnership South are a registered charity that connect schools and businesses.

Established in 1997 we have 20 years’ experience in providing career inspiration, preparation and experience to young people that is accredited by the Matrix award.

Our mission is to inspire and prepare young people for the world of work.

EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) works with young people from Primary Schools to Colleges across Hampshire and the surrounding areas providing a range of in-house career guidance programmes and activities; as well as external events.

EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) are the experts in careers guidance for young people providing a single point of contact for schools to engage with 3500+ businesses and businesses to engage with over 90 schools across Hampshire and the surrounding areas. 

We achieve this by connecting education and business.

74,000+ volunteer hours from businesses and professionals as well as organisations providing sponsorship and/or work experience opportunities enables EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) to deliver a varied careers programme to schools that connects students to businesses alongside providing quality careers guidance from experienced Career Development Practitioners.

Activities and programmes run by EBP South (Inc. Basingstoke Consortium) include but is not limited to:

  • Careers Guidance
    • 1-1
    • Group sessions
    • Workshops
  • Events
    • Interactive career fairs e.g. Get Inspired
    • STEM Fairs e.g. Primary STEM fair
    • Collaborative educational events e.g. Mary Rose Science Challenge
  • Mentoring
    • 1-1
    • Group Sessions
  • Workshops and Activities
    • Careers fair
    • Inspiring visits - guess my job day – primary schools
    • Employer led workshops
    • Employability workshops
    • Enterprise days
    • LEAP Programme
    • Mock interview days
    • Speed networking
  • Work Experience Placements (years 10 and 11)
    • 1 week placement
    • 2 week placement
    • Extended work placements

We do it because we believe in broadening horizons for young people to reach their future potential.

Young people are inspired in their career choice through engagement with employers, through direct experience of work and are well prepared for the transition from learning to work.