EBP South is changing Young People’s Career Perceptions

Through a range of career inspirational events EBP south is helping to shape the perceptions of 1000’s of young people about what kind of job opportunities exist. Read more

Employer Engagement Project: Biscoes Law teach ‘Perspective’ in GCSE English lessons.

One of the aspects of GCSE English that pupils find hard to grasp is the perspective behind a piece of pros (GCSE English Language paper 2). In other words what is the main reason behind an author writing the way they do? Read more

How is Geography used in the workplace?

Over 60 Year 10 Geography students in Springfield School on 11th July 2019 were given a unique classroom lesson. They were taught part of the curriculum by a businesses and learnt how the organisations use it everyday in the workplace. Read more

EBP South’s Get Inspired came to Test Valley

Get Inspired is an Inspirational event showcasing the world of work. Read more

New Forest Businesses Inspire Young People into the Job Market

Get Inspired New Forest is an interactive careers fair for young people. Read more

Students learn about the digital jobs of the future

Over 300 students from 24 schools in North Hampshire came together to discover current and future digital careers in the technology industry from the businesses themselves at TeenTech Hampshire. Read more

Young People in the New Forest to get a Unique Insight into the Job Market

EBP South is proud to bring the renowned Get Inspired event to the New Forest on Thursday 27th June 2019 at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. Read more

Careers Professionals Highlight the Issues Facing Young People

An analysis of the feedback showed that Careers Professionals believed the biggest issue facing young people is that there is too much information about careers; and young people are unable to navigate their way through it. Read more

School Pupils Travel Through Technology Zones to Discover their Future

TeenTech is a technology event for young people enabled students to discover their future in more ways than one.  Students were able to investigate what future technology might hold for them as well as potential careers. Read more

BAE Systems link maths in the workplace to the Year 10 GCSE Curriculum

Year 10 GCSE Maths pupils at Springfield School had the unique benefit of working with BAE Systems as part of the employer engagement session. Read more

A World of STEM to Up-skill Young People Comes to the South

Businesses came together to provide a hands-on activity that gave young people the opportunity to explore the world of STEM at Hilton Ageas Hotel on Thursday 25th April 2019 for The Big Bang @ Solent. Read more

70% of students want to go into STEM careers

This years’ fair took place at CEMAST, Fareham College and saw 500 students aged 10-11-year-old from 11 schools.  They attended an exciting day of 25-minute fun STEM activities. Read more

Opportunities for Hampshire Tech Businesses

Inspire future employees and work with Maggie Philbin, ‘Bang Goes the Theory’ and ‘Tomorrow’s World’ presenter. Read more

Airbus Engages Young People into STEM Careers

On 14th February 2019 Airbus STEM Ambassadors led an Employer Engagement session at Springfield School that linked year 10 GCSE Maths to Airbus’s real-life day jobs showing the need for the use of STEM subjects in real-life work. Read more

Careers Conference. Right Here. Right Now!

The annual Careers Conference for careers advisers and careers leads took place on Tuesday 26th February 2019. It was the largest career conferences organised by EBP South with 175 people attending. Read more

87% of students benefit from business supported curriculum

Pupils were then taught practical examples of the design process for locally produced bus shelters to cars and safety critical products such as Aircraft. Read more

CEO Cath Longhurst wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Cath Longhurst CEO of Basingstoke Consortium and EBP South won the Lifetime Achievement Award at The News Business Excellence Awards on Friday 1st February; for her incredible work in inspiring and preparing young people for the world of work over the last 18 years and continuing to do so. Read more

EBP South Brings Businesses Together to Inspire the City’s Future Workforce

EBP South’s hugely successful event, Get Inspired Portsmouth, returned to the Portsmouth Guildhall on Wednesday 23rd January 2019 to inspire over 1000 young people for Portsmouth and the surrounding area. Read more

GCSE Geography lesson Tackles Climate Change in Portsmouth

The success of the Integrated Employer Engagement Project with John Lomas from Springfield School and EBP South funded by The Hearn Foundation has continued into 2019. Read more

Costly Consequences for Students Incorrect use of Area and Volume

Rob Pilch the former MD of Queensbury Shelters took over two math’s classes for the second Employer Engagement Project with year 10 students at Springfield School. Read more

EBP South Amazing People Awards Winners

EBP South Amazing People Awards celebrated the dedication of businesses, schools and volunteers to connecting young people to the world of work; young people were awarded for their achievements through the careers and work opportunities that they had participated in.. Read more

Shortlist announced for EBP South's Amazing People Awards

Shortlist announced for EBP South's Amazing People Awards 2018. An award ceremony for business, schools, volunteers that connect young people to the world of work. As well as recognising young people for their achievements. Read more

Get Inspired Southampton Attracts 100s of Young People

1400 young people attend Get Inspired, organised by­­ EBP South at the O2 Guildhall Southampton on Wednesday 7th November to learn about the range of careers available to them on their doorstep. Read more

Great first steps in the Integrated Employer Engagement Project

The Integrated Employer Engagement Project aims to get schools and businesses to link the curriculum to work related scenarios Read more