EBP South Is engaging with young people to help prepare them for the world of work. Through a range of interactive events such as ‘guess my job’ and ‘business speed networking’, EBP South is connecting business professionals with students. These interactive sessions give students the opportunity to learn about different job roles and careers directly from professionals.

These events are possible with the support of business professionals, just by pledging a couple of hours of your time can make a real difference in the personal development and confidence of a young person. Steve Piper, of Si digital ‘The sessions are an essential part of early careers for young people and often their first encounter with the work place. The sessions not only help to broaden young people’s knowledge of different job roles but also helps to overcome social mobility, gender gap and diversity. It’s a fun and fast pace opportunity for the young people to interact with professionals through the Guess My Job game and it helps young people to engage with volunteers and learn about the different job roles they may never have heard of before.’

Pledging your time to support young people can also help to enhance your own CV and fulfill your career development plan whilst giving back to the community. 97% of skillstree ambassadors who volunteered in the past said that it was a good use of their time outside of the workplace.

Volunteering gives professionals the opportunity to share their knowledge and skill sets at a vital point in a young person’s life. To find out more volunteering opportunities visit https://www.ebpsouth.co.uk/volunteer or contact us at [email protected]